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My Journey to Your Table

Hello there! My name is David and thanks for visiting Dinner By David. Born and raised in Missouri I knew I always wanted to be a chef from a very young age and helping my grandmother in her kitchen was my inspiration. I graduated culinary school in Kansas City with honors and was worked at an upscale country club as a prep cook, while also cooking private executive lunches for a local pasta company named The American Italian Pasta Company. I moved to northern Missouri and worked at a small American-Italian restaurant while still cooking the executive lunches for the pasta company for a few years before moving again to the great state of Texas.

I hit my culinary stride in Texas and worked at a casual-fine dining Italian restaurant where we made everything from scratch, including multiple types of pasta, bread, desserts, and more. I started as a saute cook working the line and over the course of five years, worked my way to Executive Chef. In addition to being a full-service restaurant, we also did a large amount of catering. We were able to execute any type of menu, cuisine, or theme the customer desired. Our team designed and catered each event specifically to our client's needs & requests. Every item possible was made from scratch, and we were able to accommodate events from 20 to 2000.


After five years in the Lone Star State, I relocated to Wisconsin (also known as the land of Beer and Cheese!). With all the knowledge & experience I gained over the last 9 years, I decided to make a shift in my culinary career by having my own business. It gives me great pleasure to have the ability to feed people, and tailor events with my own creative flair.


After meeting and serving some wonderful clients in Wisconsin my travels brought me back to Kansas City, the BBQ capital of the nation! Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about my culinary journey. If you decide to allow me to become your personal chef I promise you that I will do everything to make certain you are a satisfied client.

Thank you!

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