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How it Works

As your Personal Chef, I design customized meals and experiences just for you, and cook the food right in your home! Every menu is uniquely tailored to your specific culinary wants and needs.

  1. Contact me via email or phone to discuss the details of your private dinner, such as food preferences, the reason for the occasion, how many people will be there, the date and time, etc.

  2. Based on the information provided I will calculate the cost of the service.

  3. Once the cost has been agreed upon I will create a delicious and wholesome menu for your approval. After that, I will purchase all the ingredients for the dinner, arrive at your home, prepare and serve the meal to you and your guests, clean up, and leave.


What is the cost of a private dinner?

  • As every private dinner is unique the cost varies as it depends on the number of people attending, how many courses will be served, and the style/demands of the menu. Typically there would be two different costs: a Labor Cost which is the time and effort of designing the menu, arriving at your home to execute the menu, and cleaning up afterward, then there would be the Cost of Ingredients, which is simply the cost of the groceries.

What areas do you serve?

  • I serve the general Kansas City Metro area. If your home is an hour away from my location a travel surcharge will be added to your invoice.

What are your COVID-19 precautions?

  • I wear a mask at all times, wash my hands frequently, am fully vaccinated, and socially distance when possible. I ask clients if their family is experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms to reschedule cook dates as needed. Your safety and having an enjoyable food experience is my priority!

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