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All reviews are unedited, honest reviews from my clients.
Client: Michelle F.
Service: Private Dinner Party, 5-Courses

"Wow! Chef David prepared and served an exceptional meal for my husband’s birthday dinner! Together, he and I planned a menu that included my husband’s favorite foods, and then he tailored each dish specific to our taste. Each of the 5 courses tasted incredible, and were beautifully plated. His dinner rivaled some of the finest restaurants we have dined in! Even better, we enjoyed it in the comfort of our own home. We are so happy with our entire experience, and our dinner guests were just as impressed by Chef David as we were. He is very professional and friendly, and we enjoyed having him in our home. On top of everything, he left my kitchen spotless, so we could enjoy time with our guests without worrying about clean up. We look forward to the next opportunity to host another dinner prepared by Chef David!"

Client: Tom E.
Service: Private Dinner Party, 4-Courses 

We hired Chef David on a lark, figuring it would be a novel and fun thing to do when dining out became restricted during COVID. It turned out to be much more than that; it was one of the most memorable dining experiences we have had. Our custom 4-course menu of crab cakes, mixed green salad, trout with wild rice, and peach and raspberry crisp with homemade gelato was beautifully designed and prepared. The flavors were unique and remarkable, and this coming from a guy who generally prefers to be hit in the face with hot peppers and strong flavors. My wife is from Maryland, and crab cakes have been a part of her life, as well as our family’s. Chef David’s crab cakes were the best I have eaten (although my wife will never admit it!). The touch of seasoned breading throughout the cake made them unusually light and flavorful. Both professional and down-to-earth friendly, Chef David was a pleasure to have in our home. I would rate our meal on par with some of the best restaurants we have eaten in, and having it prepared in our own kitchen added to the experience. We will definitely have Chef David prepare another private meal for us, but until COVID dies down we will be experiencing
his cooking skills through his prepared meals. Highly recommended!

Client: Maggie M.
Service: Private Dinner Party, 3-Courses

I recently hired Chef David for a small surprise birthday dinner and was thoroughly impressed! Chef David is a true professional. Not only did he create a delicious 3-course meal full of seasonal ingredients but provided a stress-free experience by cleaning up after the meal and leaving us with a clean kitchen and time to enjoy with our guests. All of my guests raved about their experience and are looking forward to hiring Chef David in the future for their own events! I would highly recommend Chef David and his services.

Client: Michael L.
Service: Delivered 4-Course Private Dinner

I contacted David to help plan a minimal-contact anniversary dinner for my parents, and I was blown away with the experience. David asked about their food preferences, and he came up with a thoughtful and creative menu that also worked well to be delivered to their home. The entire planning process was outstanding, as David kept me up-to-date with what to expect and how things were going, while always answering my questions quickly and clearly. He was also great at laying out the costs and options during the planning, as well as completely transparent about the grocery costs (to the point of sharing the receipts).


Once the anniversary dinner came, my parents were overjoyed with their special meal, and they made a point of commenting on how the wonderful depth and complexity of flavor came through on each dish. Chef David truly changed an anniversary that was almost overlooked due to the global pandemic into a very special memory.

Client: Michelle F.
Service: Private Dinner Party, 5-Courses

Chef David has wowed us again! We just hosted our second private dinner, five absolutely delicious and beautiful courses.  Our menu included a few of our favorite dishes, which Chef David elevated to a new level with zesty sauces and mouth-watering flavors we didn't know we've been missing out on! We ended our meal with my favorite dessert, a creme brulee, which was divine! Our family has also enjoyed David's weekly prepared meals, which make dinner prep so simple.  No planning, just easy reheating, and delicious food.  Whether you are interested in weekly meal planning or having a beautiful dinner in your home, you will not be disappointed with Chef David! 

Client: Jen D.
Service: Delivered 3-Course Private Dinner

We had a great meal prepared for a birthday celebration this past weekend. Chef David was fortunately available and worked with me to suggest some great options for a 3-course dinner for 4. He brought the food to our house exactly at the agreed upon time, all piping hot and ready to serve, with a set of reheating instructions. It was all packaged well and for ease of serving and reheating, and he made sure to encourage us to call him with any questions. The food itself was incredible. We enjoyed a beef roast that was fall-apart tender and more flavorful than any roast I’ve ever had, with a generous amount of roasted mushrooms in the red wine gravy. I was a little nervous that I had chosen an entree that wasn’t “glamorous” or elevated enough, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everyone was blown away by the roast, and it looked beautiful. It went so well with herb-roasted carrots, garlic mashed potatoes and a side of parmesan risotto. Dessert was also incredible - individual bread puddings with a butterscotch sauce and Chef David included vanilla ice cream.

The whole meal was delicious. It was very reasonably priced, and the portions were generous - we have been happily enjoying the leftovers! I will definitely use Chef David for future celebrations, and I cannot wait to do an in-home experience once the pandemic allows. Thanks for a great birthday dinner!

Client: Holly S.
Service: Weekly Meal Service - 5 meals per week for their parents

Rick and I can’t thank you enough. The meals looks absolutely delicious and we so appreciate you arranging them in a way that is easy to heat, eat and discard.  It’s obvious so much work, thought and talent went into these meals. We both agreed that we will surely hire you again for ourselves once we are able to host a gathering again safely... Thank you again David and have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Client: Marilyn T.
Service: Family Meal Pack

This was a good fit for our taste.  It looked and smelled great.  The sauce was perfect. Presentation of both meals was very nice, with the included herbs.  The vegetables were perfectly done.  The flavors suited us well. The only negative I can think of is that both chicken and the beef were not as “fall-apart” as I thought they could have been.  They were not tough but required a bit more “chewing.”  There are plenty of leftovers so we’ll eat well again. We would order both again.

Client: Tom E.
Service: Family Meal Pack

Our two-meal Italian pack of Ishia-style chicken with roasted carrots and herbed potatoes and the spinach and ricotta cannelloni with roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts were also high quality, flavorful and fresh. His cannelloni with homemade pasta was surprisingly lighter than most baked pasta dishes I've had. Highly recommend his New York cheesecake! We really enjoy David's meals and cooking. It's great food, well-prepared, with some personal twists.

Client: Erik F.
Service: 5-Course Tailor-Made Menu, Drop-Off

The meal blew our expectations away!  The personalized menu and serving notes were amazing.  A quote from my wife, " this may be the best meal I have ever had".  The soup was perfect although we did not do it justice with the plating.  The crab cakes were really good, Kacie thought they were the best part until she got to the mushrooms.  The salad was outstanding, a perfect balance of fresh asparagus, goat cheese, paired with the vinaigrette.  Now the mushrooms were the big surprise, we loved the onion on top and the mushrooms themselves were done perfectly.  You called it though, we were almost too full to enjoy the main course, however the shanks were done just right, great flavor, and went so well with the mashed potatoes and carrots.  Thanks so much for creating such a great night for us.  We are already excited about doing another event with you.

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